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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dolce Vita - DEAL!

Dolce Vita Marcus Black Vintage Milled Leather Sandal
I couldn't resist the urge to tell you about a great deal I snagged yesterday at my local Lord & Taylor department store on the above shoes.  After receiving an email from Lord & Taylor that is was the final day they were offering an additional 25% off their already reduced clearance items, I decided to take a quick trip over to see if anything was worth while. 

To my surprise, these Dolce Vita strappy, rock-star style sandals with large grommets and buckle details were on the clearance rack and marked 50% off the clearance price (which were already marked down by $30).  On top of that, I was able to use my 25% coupon too.  The final price:  An AMAZING, ASTOUNDING  $26.24!

 The icing on the cake is that these shoes are currently going for $103 on shoes.com and similar sites.  I LOVE when I grab a great deal.  

These babies are going with me to South Beach next week!!

If you live near a Lord & Taylor or can access them online, they are still offering clearance items with a current coupon of an additional 20% off.  Might be worth it to check it out.  

Anyone else ever grab a great item on clearance too?


Monday, February 7, 2011

Shoe Ponderings

On my most recent trip to the supermarket, this gorgeous magazine cover stood out to me and in my shopping cart it went.  What was the appeal?  Was it the ever-stunning Marisa Miller on the cover?  Was it her fresh, natural-looking, albeit glowy makeup look?  Was it the fact that spring/summer is right around the corner and I should read every single article in SHAPE with meticulous attention to detail?
Nope, nada, nil.
Glance down past her exquisite hair, her barely there crochet dress, and her amazing body.  Now look at her feet.  Those are some killer heels!  They are the perfect patent leather spring shade; complete with platform front, 5" heel, and girlie buckle details.  They scream ME all over them!
After racing home to rip open the magazine to the Cover Look section, I learned the shoes are from Casadei.  
Casadei Tiered Buckle Bootie
A bit of online research later, I learn the shoes are priced at $720 and are available at Nieman Marcus along with other high-end retailers.  *SIGH*.  *DOUBLE SIGH*.  I guess I won't be racing to purchase them any time soon as they are not in the budget for now. 
I can look at it in the positive though, they are still in my home...not in the traditional hanging in my shoe closet sort of way...but in the I will look at this magazine cover on my nightstand daily sort of way.  

Now, perhaps I should get my shoe fix in with these instead.  I saw these Badgley Mischka beauties at Lord & Taylor on sale for less than $150...
Badgley Mischka Kiss Kiss (smoke glitter)
I bet they would look great with sun-kissed legs and feet. 

Has anyone else ever purchased magazines simply for the shoes on the cover??

Have a fantastic week!