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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Superfluous" Shoes- Bring 'Em On!

Betsey Johnson Calandra Shoe in Natural
"Superfluous"- Dictionary.com defines the term as:  "being more than is sufficient or required; excessive, unnecessary, and needless." 

My husband defines "Superfluous" as "Jolene's shoe closet."

He likes to throw that term around a lot when out shopping with one another.  We'll be out shopping for things we need for the house or the kids, and inevitably, my eye will catch a stunning pair of shoes that I simply must have.  Shortly thereafter comes the famous, "Jolene, those shoes are "Superfluous", put them down."   Most times I oblige and respond with, "Yes, of course honey, you are so right."

There are the few rare occasions when I comply and months later I STILL can't get the shoes out of my head and now can no longer even find them online to purchase.  I imagine all the occasions I could have worn them, or the outfits I could have built around them.

Two pairs come to mind immediately.  One was a brilliant, rock-star style, strappy, crystal and grommet covered stiletto that I still dream about.  I often imagine my husband and I out and about in NYC having a grand time, and I of course, am adorned in my resplendent heels.  Alas, I didn't get the designer or the style of shoe and no matter how hard I search, they can't be found except in my dreams.  The other, was a zebra-print (and I mean the perfect zebra print) stiletto with a to-die-for ankle strap that made my legs look a mile long.  "No, Jolene", my husband exclaimed, "you came to purchase a new wedge to replace the worn out ones you have, put those down."  Yes, practicality won out that day too.

All of this begs the question:  Isn't there something so magical about great shoes; something transforming and confidence-boosting?  I simply can't have enough of these so-called "Superfluous" shoes.  Come to think of it, I think my husband throwing around the term "Superfluous" when it comes to my shoes is well..."Superfluous!"

What are your favorite pair of "Superfluous" shoes??

Some of my shoe wardrobe below:

Wearing my Betsey Johnson Calandra Shoes


  1. are these all your shoes???? I love your style!! Love 'em!

  2. Yes- those are the ones I have in rotation now- have an entire other section of winter shoes too! ;) Thanks!

  3. Drool!!! WOW! Id have a blast in your closet!!