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Friday, September 24, 2010

Waiting to be Dazzled by ShoeDazzle

ShoeDazzle boot in Anise

If you haven't guessed so far- I AM A SHOE-ADDICT (click here and here to see my other shoe posts).  So, it makes complete and utter sense that I would join the site Shoedazzle.com, right?  Of course it does!

For those not familiar with the site, Shoedazzle is a subscription based shoe shopping site headed up by Kim Kardashian.  The site offers you shoe selections on a monthly basis placed into your own personalized "showroom".  The stylists determine your selections via an online survey you take at the beginning of your membership.  Essentially, you pick and choose photos of shoes and designer styles that most appeal to you.  Then, each month you are given a choice of shoes to pick from each for $39.95 (which includes your shipping and handling).  The site offers handbags, jewelry, and accessories to choose from too.  Don't like any selections presented to you that particular month?  Simply, press the button to "request alternate styles" and different selections will be delivered to your showroom in a couple of days.  Still not happy?  Press the "skip this month" button by the 5th of a particular month.  You are not obligated to purchase each month.

Practically drooling at the thought of a fantastic new pair of shoes each month hand-picked by a stylist, I joined.  In my first "showroom", I didn't care for any of the styles.  I was a bit disappointed in this and requested an "alternate selection."  About two days later, my new "showroom" was ready to view.  I was much happier with this new selection presented to me.  I chose the faux suede bow boot pictured above called Anise.

Long story short, I received an email from the company two days later stating that there was going to be a delay in my shipment (free delivery is supposed to arrive in 3 to 5 business days).  URGH!  Okay, I didn't like my first round of shoes and now this??  We were not off to a good start.  Finally, about a week and a half later my boots arrived.  I tore into the box and put these babies on.  Let me just say that they look cute enough but are terribly uncomfortable.  The inside arch feels awkward when I walk and the bottom sole doesn't feel like it was made with the best quality.  However, they are kind of adorable!  I have not decided yet if I am going to return them or not (returns are accepted for a credit towards another month).

Just as soon as I received these in the mail, my next month's showroom was ready for me to view.  Well, my mouth almost hit the floor at a pair of tall brown studded faux leather boots called Dallas.  LOVE!!!  I quickly ordered these babies right up.  And, guess what?  They shipped already.  I almost don't even care if they are uncomfortable, they are just so gorgeous!!  Perhaps now I will be dazzled!
ShoeDazzle boots in Dallas

What is your experience with ShoeDazzle?


  1. I joined i cancelled it =/ within 3 days LOL i think its more worth it to go get pair of shoes somewhere else..i dont know... =/ Do u like it ?

  2. I'm not to sure yet Rinz!! Hopefully the tall brown boots will win me over (they should be here next week). Still on the fence!! LOL

  3. I am quickly becoming a shoe addict. I think you should give ShoeDazzle a bit more time because my experience has been amazing. Perhaps you just got off to a bit of a rocky start. I haven't really found many cute boots under $40.00 so I think the boots are worth it. I'm not sure about the handbags because I'm not addicted to those so much and haven't really priced them lately.

  4. Yes, I am really enjoying my Dallas boots- thanks!!!