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Monday, August 30, 2010

"Dancing with the People" I say!

I simply ADORE the show "Dancing with the Stars."  LOVE IT!  I am entranced by the dancing, the outfits, the makeup, heck...I even love the spray tans!!  Week after week as I sit mesmerized at the TV; I think to myself- "how can I get on that show?- I need to be on that show!"  Of course, it then inevitably occurs to me that I am not a "star" so my chances are pretty much slim to none on this one. Way to crush a dream ABC!

Well, here's food for thought:  Keep your "Dancing with the Stars" ABC, but add a sister show and call it  "Dancing with the People," or "Dancing with America." Why not pair the same amazing professional dancers with your average American and have America vote on their favorite?  The format could be a perfect fusion of "American Idol" and the current "Dancing with the Stars" repertoire.  We could see back stories of the lives of these Americans and get to know them and either love 'em or hate 'em each week. 

Here's the caveat- I would have to be on the first season (well, it is my idea after-all).  Plus, I've got the perfect spot in my living room where my Mirror Ball trophy could take its rightful home.

Oh yeah, they announced the lineup of the new season of stars tonight...pretty unimpressive if you ask me.  David Hasselhoff?  Florence Henderson?  Michael Bolton?  Bristol Palin?? Snooze....But, you know I will be watching anyway...I've got the Argentine Tango to watch in all its glitzy glory.

What do you think of the new season lineup?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Superfluous" Shoes- Bring 'Em On!

Betsey Johnson Calandra Shoe in Natural
"Superfluous"- Dictionary.com defines the term as:  "being more than is sufficient or required; excessive, unnecessary, and needless." 

My husband defines "Superfluous" as "Jolene's shoe closet."

He likes to throw that term around a lot when out shopping with one another.  We'll be out shopping for things we need for the house or the kids, and inevitably, my eye will catch a stunning pair of shoes that I simply must have.  Shortly thereafter comes the famous, "Jolene, those shoes are "Superfluous", put them down."   Most times I oblige and respond with, "Yes, of course honey, you are so right."

There are the few rare occasions when I comply and months later I STILL can't get the shoes out of my head and now can no longer even find them online to purchase.  I imagine all the occasions I could have worn them, or the outfits I could have built around them.

Two pairs come to mind immediately.  One was a brilliant, rock-star style, strappy, crystal and grommet covered stiletto that I still dream about.  I often imagine my husband and I out and about in NYC having a grand time, and I of course, am adorned in my resplendent heels.  Alas, I didn't get the designer or the style of shoe and no matter how hard I search, they can't be found except in my dreams.  The other, was a zebra-print (and I mean the perfect zebra print) stiletto with a to-die-for ankle strap that made my legs look a mile long.  "No, Jolene", my husband exclaimed, "you came to purchase a new wedge to replace the worn out ones you have, put those down."  Yes, practicality won out that day too.

All of this begs the question:  Isn't there something so magical about great shoes; something transforming and confidence-boosting?  I simply can't have enough of these so-called "Superfluous" shoes.  Come to think of it, I think my husband throwing around the term "Superfluous" when it comes to my shoes is well..."Superfluous!"

What are your favorite pair of "Superfluous" shoes??

Some of my shoe wardrobe below:

Wearing my Betsey Johnson Calandra Shoes

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Want a Perfectly Plump and Pouty Nude Lip? Read on...

Do you covet that plump, pouty, nude lip, as seen....well, everywhere? If so, read on for some great tips on achieving the look. I promise, no ghost-mouth, concealer lips here! A simply stunning pout is just steps away...
I've been doing the nude lip on myself well before the nude lip was "in". I used to gaze at myself in the mirror while applying my favorite lippie and follow it up by blotting it off with a tissue. The result: a muted, toned down lip that I loved. I've refined the technique over the years and added a lip-plumping step or two, and voila- the luscious, understated, sultry lips I crave!

How to achieve my favorite: Exquisite, Voluptuous, Goddess-like Nude Lips!

Step 1:
Use a lip plumper nightly.

I am not referring to a cosmetic, temporary lip plumper here (although that will come later in step 7). What you need to use is a lip plumper that will enhance your natural collagen production overtime. Therefore, your results will be both cosmetic and cumulative.

My favorites:
Dior Lip Maximizer
Bliss Spiff Upper Lip

Step 2:
Conceal your lips with your favorite concealer.

Yes, I know...I promised- no concealer lips, but this step is crucial. The important part about this step is that the concealer will act to tone down the natural pigmentation in your lips and help to keep your lip color last and last.

Step 3:
Powder your lips with your favorite pressed or loose powder.

Simply apply your favorite powder with a sponge or kabuki brush right on top of the concealer you just applied. Again, this step really aids to lock in that color you are aiming to achieve. Results at this point...a bit scary. No worries, we are getting to the fun part soon.

Step 4:
Line your lips with a gorgeous nude lip-liner.

The key to this part is to line your lips just slightly outside your natural lip-line (your result should be a very natural enhanced lip- smudge lightly with your ring finger to blend if you worried it is a bit much). The result from this little trick- Angelina-like cloud lips.

Your options in choosing a great nude liner are really endless. Read below for some of my favorites.

My favorites:
Make Up For Ever- Nude Beige
Lancome- Natural Mauve
Ulta- Flesh
NYX- Natural 810
MAC- Sripdown

Step 5:
Dab a luminous highlighter in your cupid's bow.

The fun begins. I love this part! I think the results of dabbing a pretty highlighter gently nestled in your cupid's bow is just so softly sexy. Again, options are limitless; use what you have on hand.

My favorite:
NARS- Copacabana

Step 6:
Add your favorite nude lipstick.

Use your finger to dab for a softer look, or simply use a lip-brush for a more defined pout. The color you choose is all up to your skin-tone. Do you like your nude with a dash of peach or pink? Do you like your nude opaque or sheer? It's all up to you and the possibilities are endless. Read on for a list of my current faves.

My favorites:
MAC- Peachstock, Myth, Freckletone, Blankety, Cherish
NYX- Pumpkin Pie or Circe
YSL- Rouse Volupte #2
Revlon- Nude Attitude

Step 7:
Plump those babies up with a lip plumper!

This is the cosmetic, temporary plumper I was referring to earlier. The reason I add this after my lipstick- plumpers can generally leave a red ring around your mouth- not an attractive look if you ask me. The lipstick first aids as a sort of shield to prevent this from happening.

Of course, if you were born with fabulous, plump lips- skip this step- lucky you! I, however, was not.

My favorites:
Soap and Glory- Sexy Motherpucker
Too Faced- Lip Injection Extreme

Step 8:
Dab a great lip gloss on top of the plumper for an all out sexy pout!

Adding this step is up to you. Some-times I prefer my lips matte and some-times I don't. When I want to stop my husband dead in his tracks- I add this step. Just like adding your favorite lipstick, the color gloss you choose will determine your overall color- pinky, peachy, gold, sparkly, or just plain glossy.

My favorites:
Scott Barnes- Lip Slick Provocative
NYX- Vintage
MAC- Boy Bait

You're done!

I know this seems like a lot of steps. However, I assure you, do this a few times and you can create that sexy, plumped up nude mouth in your sleep.

What are your favorite nude lip tips??

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Disclaimer: This post is merely my opinions and views. I was not paid to write this post, nor am I affiliated with any company. I purchased the products listed above with my own money.