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Monday, August 30, 2010

"Dancing with the People" I say!

I simply ADORE the show "Dancing with the Stars."  LOVE IT!  I am entranced by the dancing, the outfits, the makeup, heck...I even love the spray tans!!  Week after week as I sit mesmerized at the TV; I think to myself- "how can I get on that show?- I need to be on that show!"  Of course, it then inevitably occurs to me that I am not a "star" so my chances are pretty much slim to none on this one. Way to crush a dream ABC!

Well, here's food for thought:  Keep your "Dancing with the Stars" ABC, but add a sister show and call it  "Dancing with the People," or "Dancing with America." Why not pair the same amazing professional dancers with your average American and have America vote on their favorite?  The format could be a perfect fusion of "American Idol" and the current "Dancing with the Stars" repertoire.  We could see back stories of the lives of these Americans and get to know them and either love 'em or hate 'em each week. 

Here's the caveat- I would have to be on the first season (well, it is my idea after-all).  Plus, I've got the perfect spot in my living room where my Mirror Ball trophy could take its rightful home.

Oh yeah, they announced the lineup of the new season of stars tonight...pretty unimpressive if you ask me.  David Hasselhoff?  Florence Henderson?  Michael Bolton?  Bristol Palin?? Snooze....But, you know I will be watching anyway...I've got the Argentine Tango to watch in all its glitzy glory.

What do you think of the new season lineup?

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