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Monday, December 6, 2010

Current Obsession: Fur-Trimmed Ankle Boot

Simply enamored by this style boot, I have found 3 variations; all of which I would be more than happy to have in my "shoe-drobe". 

Featured below is the Christian Louboutin "Toundra" fur boot.  It is available here at Bergdorf Goodman for a mere $2,095.  I am smitten!!

Next up is a similar style with plush tufts of fur wrapped within the ankle straps.  They are the Dolce Vita "Tatum" ankle boot and are available here via Nordstrom for $248.95.  

Finally, I am equally as infatuated with these babies below.  They are the Aldo "Vanderau" bootie available in both taupe and midnight black.  They can be purchased here at Aldo for $110. 

Does anyone else find this style as intriguing and lust-worthy as I do? 


  1. Yes, it is very Lust Worthy. I love your style;)


  2. Love the last pair.I want some now :) xxx


  3. Yes! LOVE! and hahah "shoe-drobe" I love that!

  4. @Jluvbirdee- Thank you doll!! :)

    @BeautybyPaula-I love the last pair too- just put in on my Christmas wish list!

    @Elise-Gorgeous, right?!! XO

  5. I love furry boots too but its too warm here sometimes i cant stand it LOL i hate sweaty feet LOL

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