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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holiday Favorites!

While this post may be a touch late, I would like to share some of my favorite pieces I received for Christmas. 

We had a wonderful holiday in my home and I am so grateful for it.  The above photo highlights some of the wonderful gifts that I received. 

1.  Clarisonic Mia:  While a review on it at this point would be a bit premature since I have only been using it a week straight; I can tell you that at this point I am beyond THRILLED with the results.  My skin-tone is even and bright since I began using it.  More details to come later.

2.  Chandelier Earrings:  My husband knows me well- the sparklier the earring, the happier the wife ;)  He picked these out at a little boutique and I LOVE them.  Here's a closeup shot:

3.  Victoria's Secret goodies:  I received a great pair of sparkly tank style pjs from my mom and some beautiful lingerie from my husband.  

4.  Michael Kors Parker Bootie in Coffee:  My husband picked these out since he thought I had enough tall boots at home (I gently let him know that I can never have enough tall boots at home-lol).  With that being said, these boots look adorable on and the look is reminiscent of a cute snow-bunny.  The gold studs detailing the boot are quite similar to the ShoeDazzle tall boots I own in the style called Dallas.  They are featured in this post HERE

5.  Coach Filomena Vachetta Heels:  Seriously, I am in love with this shoe.  First, they are beyond comfortable.  Second, and more importantly, they look amazing on.  To me, they are both sophisticated AND sexy.  I have paired these with a skinny jean, but I think they would look equally as lovely with a pencil skirt.  Here's a closer look:

6.  Gucci Guily Fragrance:  I am smitten with this fragrance.  The dry down is so soft and alluring.  My husband enjoys this fragrance on me too.  It reminds me a touch of my Dolce and Gabbana The One fragrance which is absolutely my go-to scent.

7.  Gift Certificate for Ballroom Dancing Lessons!:  My all-time favorite show is Dancing with the Stars.  I have wanted to take ballroom lessons for the past few years to no avail.  I mentioned to my mother that a ballroom dancing studio opened up relatively close to my home.  Amazingly enough, she called up and ordered a gift certificate for both my husband and I.  I am so thrilled!!  Argentine Tango- here I come!

I am hoping everyone is enjoying all of their holiday goodies.  By the way, I am really inspired by everyone's entries to my giveaway- the resolutions have been thought provoking and fun to read!  



  1. Lucky girl! You got some wonderful gifts! I have heard such great reveiws on the Mia. I'm sure you will love it. The dancing lessons sound fun too. What a great present!

  2. welcome back i was worried lol :)) i love the coach shoes u got sooooo beautifulllll and sexy!! hope u had a great new year celebration! :)

  3. Awesome haul! Santa treated you right this year! ;) The Mia is nice, isn't it? It took me awhile to get used to it. Having a vibrating face feels a bit odd at first. LOL!


  4. Lovely haul coach heels are so pretty & stylish

  5. Ooo i love all of these!! Ballroom dancing, how adventurous! xxxoo

  6. Fabulous gifts for a fabulous mama!! I've missed you so much!! I'm beyond excited for my Clarisonic to arrive. Amazing husband..I mean earrings haha! YAY You got Gucci Guilty! I know it was on your wish list for the longest time. Ballroom dancing sounds like so much fun! I find it hilarious that I just replied to your comment on my blog and told you that I expected to see you on Dancing With the Stars very soon hahah
    too many exclamation marks? Lol I may have gone overboard, but I'm just excited to see you're back :)

  7. hey girl, u just got an award! TAGGED! :)

  8. Beautygirl24-Thanks so much! I AM loving the Mia! Can't wait to start dancing!

    Rinz-Thanks for caring love! I was only MIA bc my boys were home. I love the Coach shoes too- hope your New year's was amazing- you looked fantastic in your pic!

    Kate-Thanks hun! It took me a day or so to see that the Mia was working but I am now HOOKED!

    Aliva-Thanks so much- I love the Coach shoes too!

    Dollface-Thanks sweetie- it is kind of adventurous- I am game!!!

    Elise-Missed you to absolute bits- I tell my hubby everyday that I need to get famous so I can be on DWTS already-LOL!!!!!

  9. Just to let you I adore your blog and have awarded you The Stlish Blogger Award


    Love Jo xxx

  10. Nice gifts, good shoepicking by your hubbie! And I am very curious about the Clarisonic Mia, can't ait for your in-detail blog entry :-D

  11. Jolene, you just won an award darling! :)


  12. We're looking forward to hearing more about your cleansing experience as you continue to use it! If you have any questions you can find us on Twitter @Clarisonic or facebook.com/Clarisonic. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Happy Cleansing. Enjoy it!