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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Flawless, Fresh and Beautiful: Lancome Teint Idole Fresh Wear

Wearing Lancome Teint Idole Fresh Wear in Bisque 9W

Who doesn't love perfect, flawless skin that illuminates with a healthy glow?  Ages of searching for a foundation that will do just that on my verrrry oily complexion has been quite the challenge.  I want my foundation to provide just the right canvas to even out my skin tone, minimize my pores, and look vibrant and healthy and allow my skin to show through.  Shouldn't be that impossible of a task, right?

Very often, oil-free foundations look like a mask on me- not the cutest look.  I have been disappointed time and again.  Either the coverage is way too heavy, the fragrance is so strong it almost knocks you out, or I look like a bona-fide oil slick in an hour or less. I have even gone so far as to eliminate foundation altogether in favor of  nice pressed powder prior to my makeup routine.  The problem with this?  I don't look polished after only a couple of hours- my makeup just seems to melt off my face.

I am happy to report, my search is over for the perfect foundation!  I discovered Lancome's Teint Idole Fresh Wear from a magazine ad.  Shortly after seeing it, I went straight to a Lancome counter to get a sample prior to purchasing it.  I was matched to shade Bisque 9W.  I tried it the very next day and was hooked!

Here's what I discovered:
  • Flawless looking coverage (for me coverage is light to medium which I love!)
  • My skin looked fresh and healthy (not really matte, more of a luminous matte)
  • My pores were greatly minimized (even without a primer)
  • My skin was relatively shine-free throughout the day and looked freshly applied even after hours and hours of wear (company claims 18 hours of fresh wear)
  • I feel glamorous when I wear it!!!!!!!!!!!
The foundation comes in a squeeze tube, which I like.  A little dot of it goes a long way.  The consistency is slightly runny and you need to work with it quickly because it dries so fast.  I paid $32 for it at the Lancome counter (pretty reasonable considering how remarkable I think it is).

If you are oily like me and crave a flawless, shine-free, fresh looking face- try Lancome's Teint Idole Fresh Wear.  Get a sample of it at the Lancome counter, or perhaps at your local Sephora if you want to try before you buy like I did.

I hope you love it as much as I do!


  1. I want to try this! You look absolutely STUNNING! Your skin is perfect and you have such beautiful eyes :)

  2. Thanks Cheryl- that is so sweet!! I think you would really like it- I am so happy now that I've found it!

  3. I love the look!!! Is the foundation sheer or thick?

  4. Hey Rinz! It's on the runny side and you have to work with it quickly before it dries- but I simply love it!! Make my skin glow!!

  5. You "feel" glamorous when you wear it?? Oh my goodness you ARE glamorous!! I am LOVING your hair up like that!

  6. Elise- thank you so much for a fabulous comment!!!!!!!!