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Monday, September 6, 2010

Fast Forward to Fall: Black is Back Baby!!

OPI Black Onyx and Charlotte Russe Shoes
 There is something so magical about the Fall- it's my favorite season by far.  I can't get enough of the smells, the cool crisp air, wearing tights and tall black boots, and by far my favorite.........putting jet black nail-polish on my toes!  Ahhh, dark, vampy toes are so sensual and mysterious.

While it was a beautiful and warm day today in NYC, I couldn't resist the urge to paint my toes black- it is September after all!.  Gone is my bright pink pedi; OPI's Black Onyx now adorns my toes and will take is rightful home for fall. 

I've loved a dark pedi since Chanel's Vamp hit the scene.  I like all variations of black- black with purple undertones, black with glitter, black with a navy twist, etc- all so seductive if you ask me!!

What are some of your favorite fall beauty rituals??


  1. Thats a cute pair of shoeeessss =) love it

  2. I love the shoes and the nail polish color you chose! :)

    My fave fall beauty ritual is going darker in makeup and in nail polishes! Bright colors are fun, but I love dark colors! :)