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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Models, Models Everywhere!!

(photo credit:  ecouterre.com)
What a scene in NYC this past Friday night, Sept. 10, 2010!  My husband and I have a house guest staying with us from Michigan and we thought we would show him some hot-spots and city treats.  Well, this week is Fashion Week in NYC and the treats didn't come in the form of fabulous food or drinks, but rather eye candy galore!  Everywhere you turned models sashayed on by drenched in amazing couture and splendid stilettos.  What an inspiration!

Although it took me almost an hour to hail a taxi from Grand Central Station to get to the West Village (urgh...), I happily partook in mentally memorizing all of the fashion pieces I will dream about.

Madame X - NYC
Upon arrival to the West Village, we went to a boudoir-style bar called Madame X.  The place is dark and sexy with crimson lighting and vintage style couches.  The drinks are the real star here.  I had a superb drink called "Indecent Proposal" made of champagne and peach shnapps.  Yummy!

Models and Madame X- only in New York baby!

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  1. Oooheeemgeee!! My biggest dream is to walk
    in NYC Fashion week! How exciting is that??

    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I havent had any new posts lately =-/
    partly because of school && lack of inspiration!
    Hopefully itll allow u to follow since its being dumb l0l
    ill definitely be coming back to ur blog =]

    Take care