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Friday, October 15, 2010

Found: Drugstore Makeup Treasures

Much to both my husband's and my wallet's chagrin, I am usually a high-end makeup snob.  Mind you, that is not simply because I prefer to spend a profusion of money on makeup.  It is merely a necessity, as time and again, I have been disheartened by the quality of drugstore makeup.  

The good news is, due to my determination (okay, and maybe lack of willpower), I have discovered some drugstore gems worth mentioning. 

1.  Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat:
Absolutely extends the life of a mani or pedi.  This top coat dries quickly and leaves a super glossy shine too.   I found this at my local Harmon beauty supply.

2.  NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss (Beige):
To be honest, I am pretty enamored with the NYX line in general.  Great pigmentation and color selection all around, plus the prices can't be beat!  I have found a few duds in the line (hello NYX jumbo pencil in black bean-total mess), but in general I have been pleased with my purchases.  I purchase most of my NYX cosmetics at Harmon.  As far as this lip gloss goes, it is a pretty shade of natural pink (despite the name) that goes with everything!

3.  NYX Sheer Gloss (Vintage):
Very pretty milky pink with a sheer
shimmer.  The smell to me is more tolerable than the other NYX glosses.  This one reminds me of grapes (whereas the Mega Shine glosses smell like cherry medicine).  Love this gloss paired on top of nude lipsticks- including NYX Pumpkin Pie and MAC Peachstock.

4.  NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss (Smokey Look):
As I have previously reviewed this (read here) I will keep this short- great peachy nude.

5.  NXY Lip Gloss Pallet (Pinky Promise):
Generous sized pallet in 5 variations of pink.  The pallet comes with a small lip brush.  I like to mix and match different shades to find the perfect look.  I believe I paid under $5 for this little gem- great value in my opinion.

6.  NYX Round Lipstick (Pumpkin Pie):
My latest favorite nude.  This shade glides on creamy and provides a peachy pink nude color to the lips.  When paired with a good nude liner, this lipstick is fairly long lasting.  I adore this one with NYX Smokey Look or MAC Creamsheen in BoyBait over it.
Wearing NYX Pumpkin PIe

7.  Maybelline The Falsies:
As previously mentioned in my last mascara post (here), I love to marry this with YSL Singulier mascara.  I adore the c-shaped soft wand on this one.  The formula is a bit wet and really lengthens my lashes, but I won't wear it alone (does not give any volume).  Again, paired with a volumizing mascara, this can really take your lashes to the dramatic look you desire.  I purchased this in CVS for under $8.

8.  Milani Baked Bronzer (Golden 06):
I couldn't be more thrilled with this purchase.  Milani has three shades of baked bronzers ranging from light to dark and I purchased the deepest shade.  The product is a beautiful marriage of bronzer and highlight (see the gold flecks in the image below).  The swirly marble design in very reminiscent of MAC's MSFs (at a much cheaper price tag).  The color payoff is good and the shimmery highlight is gorgeous.  The compact has a dual opening that houses a brush in the bottom compartment (okay to reapply on the go).  What I don't love about this- the abhorrent packing- it is cheap and mine came with a cracked plastic case.  The company uses a cheap piece of tape to hold the product together that leaves a glue residue.  Having said that, the pros out-way the cons on this one.  I purchased mine at CVS with a sale, buy one get one 50% off.

The greatest part to all of these little treasures is that each one one under $10 (some under $5).  What are some of your favorite drugstore buys?


  1. hey there:)
    I just love to have the 4. NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss (Smokey Look):)

    and I love your hair! It's good you maintain that look. I never dye my hair, EVER! I just don't have the nerve! my hair is dark black up to it's roots. supper black!hahaha:)) Sometimes, I wish I can experiment on it! I wish!

    nice blog you have here.

    try to visit my site too.thank you:))

  2. You look nice! :) I love drugstore makeup, so I've found quite many treasures there! Revlon Colorstay Foundation, NYX Round Lipsticks, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipglosses, Milani Single Eyeshadows, Revlon Colorstay Eyeliners, Milani blushes, Maybelline mascaras are some of them! :)

    New follower here btw! :) Check out my blog too if you want! :)

  3. Hi Karla and Stavroula! Thanks for such lovely comments!!

    I will be checking out both of your blogs!


  4. great post! my fave drugstore buy is L'Oreal's True Match foundation. I adore it! I've been dissapointed so many times by drugstore makeup, but I can gladly say I think it's getting better!

    Love your blog too, i'm a new follower :)
    Feel free to come check my blog out if you like,


  5. fantastic post! I'm so jealous of all your NYX products cos I've heard so many great things about them but they're incredibly hard to come by in the UK :(

    Love the picture and the Pumpkin Pie lip stick looks great on you!

    I think a lot of drugstore products are kinda hit n miss but I've got some real gems that are better than the high end stuff I usually use. Nothing beats a good bargain! :)


  6. Hi Pretty Wonderful,

    I have been meaning to check out L'oreal true match (saw it on Kandee's blog)!

    I am following you too! Fantastic blog.


  7. Hi All Made Up!

    Thanks for the nice comments! I just visited your blog and congrats to you! Your giveaway is fantastic- I am a new follower and I have entered.


  8. u gotta wear this NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss (Beige). I wanna seeeeee =)
    Hope u have a great weekend!

  9. You're so pretty! I've been debating whether I should buy that Maybelline mascara for quite some time now but if you say it's lengthening, maybe I'll go ahead and purchase it. It's funny..I'm pretty sure I think longer about my drugstore purchases than my higher end purchases. How silly is that?? haha

  10. Hi Elise!! Thanks so much!
    Maybelline The Falsies def adds length and is quite a "wet" formula. I don't like it alone bc it gives me zero volume- but I really like it paired w another mascara. Hope you like it too if you purchase it!