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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Recent Lusts and Cravings

Wishing on a Star...
Awhile back, I used to have a "dream board" that I would keep in my bedroom and post images of all of my wants and desires.  Pictures of clothes, bags, makeup, shoes, perfume, etc. would fill my own personal little fantasy board.  I've let that go in recent months, but I think it's time I re-institute it.  As I like to say to myself- "Dream Bigger Baby."  

Here are some images of my most recent wishes and wants:
Hype - Clover Alena Shoulder Bag
Gucci Guilty EDP
Adrienne Vittadini Glenfiddich Boots
Hype Gold Pedal Cuff
Rock & Republic Crystal Bronzer/Highlighter Duo


  1. The crystal bronzer looks beautiful xx

  2. The Hype Gold Pedal Cuff is beautiful!! The boots are cute too, but im sure ill hurt myself with my bad knee! hahaha Im embarrassed just thinking of the fall ill have.

  3. That Hype bag looks really nice!:D

    Great picks!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. I've been looking for those AV boots everywhere! Know where I can buy them?

  5. Yes, I found them at Ideeli.com
    Not sure if they are still available- but it is worth it to check it out.


  6. Yeah - I checked there and am on the waiting list. Not holding my breath... Would love to hear back if you happen to see them anywhere else. Thanks.